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Cementing machine for the shoe bottom

With two independent heads to apply two different kind of cement (e.g. primer + cement) on the same shoe, or the same cement for high productivity working.

It presents the following features:

• 15“ Touch Screen monitor, in ergonomic position
• MS Windows operative system
• Data saving and updating system by means of USB support
• Real possibility of remote assistance
• Cementing tool adjustment following the three-dimensional path
• Brush speed adjustable point by point
• Photocells to unlock the last, without manual intervention
• Self-learning of the footwear profile with automatic shoe size development
• Suitable both for water- and solvent-based cement
• Remote assistance by TeamViewer
• Industria 4.0 ready

Sectors of application


Self-learning of the shoe profile by pen, and automatic calculation of the inclination of the tools, all conveniently managed by touchscreen.

Speed setting for the rotation of the cementing tool, following the three-dimensional traced path. Motorization updated with software for the encoder reading.

Touch screen in ergonomic position. Windows updated operating system, universal communication; data rescue system and updates by USB support.


Download Brochure CD3 TS2/CC


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