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Pounding/roughing o rough-milling/pounding machine

Pounding/roughing o rough-milling/pounding machine for the shoe bottom, with two independent heads that carry out the operations simultaneously.
It presents the following features:
• 15“ Touch Screen monitor, in ergonomic position
• MS Windows operative system
• Data saving and updating system by means of USB support
• Real possibility of remote assistance
• Rough-milling/roughing/pounding tool adjustment following the three-dimensional path
• Speed and pressure of the tools adjustable point by point
• Photocells to unlock the last, without manual intervention
• Self-learning of the footwear profile with automatic shoe size development
• Soundproofing
• Remote assistance by TeamViewer
• Industria 4.0 ready

Sectors of application


Self-learning of the shoe profile by pen, and automatic calculation of the inclination of the tools, all conveniently managed by touchscreen.

The rough milling is carried out by a grinding roller which eliminates lasting excess materials, assuring an effective pounding and a perfect roughing. The pounding is performed by a pounding roller which, with its particular structure, is suitable for pounding operations on any type of materials.

Touch screen in ergonomic position. Windows updated operating system, universal communication; data rescue system and updates by USB support

Optionals & accessories

• Roughing tool on the machine side


Download Brochure CD10 TS2/RC

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