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140 years of excellence in shoemaking assembly

Avantium is a new brand, but with over 140 years of experience in shoemaking assembly. Born from the merger of two historical companies in the footwear mechanical assembly sector, it offers the ideal solution for fashion needs. Its machines, designed and built in Italy, ensure durability and maximum reliability for customers

Reliability, Excellence, and Environmental Commitment

Our response in every situation: Reliability, Excellence, and Commitment. Through effective collaboration with our network of dealers, we provide services that ensure minimal downtime, increased efficiency, and high-quality customer service. Our ongoing commitment extends to environmental responsibility and the health of workers

Customer first, always

Our commitment is to ensure our customers the best results through reliable and timely services. Avantium, with a team of experts in the field, adapts to the growing needs of customers, developing new products and innovating closely following the continuously evolving market trends

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