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Inclined tacks heel seat and sides lasting machine

Programmable microprocessor controller, with the following features:
• Colour LCD monitor with touchscreen
• Control panel that can be placed right or left, according needs
• Last support group integral with the heel band group
• Last exit in external position
• Automatic reading of the insole profile
• Automatic heel height adjustment
• Pincers pair for side pulling
• Automatic right and left
• Automatic regulation of wipers opening
• Manual toe support adjustment
• Self-centering last support
• External adjustment of heel band closing pressure
• Remote assistance by router with Ubiquity software
• Industria 4.0 ready

Sectors of application


The lasting is carried out with 18, 20 or 22 tacks according to the extension of the heel seat in working; the linear tacks loader provides for the tacks distribution with three coaxial distributors, which allow to use tacks of different length simultaneously. The nailing position can be set.

Tested system for a precise cement distribution on the insole; temporary variation of the cementing do not affect the programming.

A new blocking system of the mould allows to work with the shoe on the machine external position, for manual intervention on the quality and control of the shoe, or with the mould in a fix position to ensure speed in the execution.

Touchscreen adjustable at the operator’s choice, simple and intuitive software, and unlimited programmable functions.

Optionals & accessories

• Automatic toe support
• 4 pincers modification
• Motorized hands group height


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