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K 170

Universal sector pads out-sole press

• Sector pads control for shape keeping.
• Inflatable cushion with adjustable pressure for Opanka and Jourdan soles.
• Toe pusher with electrical positioning system and heel seat pusher with quick manual positioning.
• Heel pusher with fast adjustment, quick release and adjustable pressure.
• Heel support with three different forces regulations.
• Fast and precise adjustable work pressure.
• Color touch screen display.
• Self-diagnostic.
• Industria 4.0 ready

Sectors of application


Standard kit:

• Inflatable cushion.
• Back sectors with three different shapes.
• Heel support with different heights.
• Sector pads leather shield.
• Heel seat pusher for articulated lasts.
• Sectors pusher for pointed toes.
• Color touch screen display
• Sectors control for the shape keeping

Optionals & accessories

• Double pusher for pointed toes.

New optional for:

• Toe pressers programmability with automatic size expansion
• Automatic work pressure adjustment
• Times, functions and pressure storage for each style
• Style archive
• Add on: Programmed sectors pusher for pointed toes


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